Lee Sinje (wearing a Crepe Halter Neck Dress by cacac) poses with cacac’s New Minimalism collection at the recent launch held at KLCC.

Who hasn’t seen her familiar face in all those beauty ads? Yes, that’s her, beautifully flawless Lee Sinje. Apart from being a famous actress (Also known as Angelica Lee Sin-jie, she made her debut in the cult horror hit, The Eye by the Pang brothers). And now, this Malaysian-born star who hails from Kedah has her own fashion line called cacac.

Fashion inspiration doesn’t always have to come from overseas, and Malaysia is proud to have Lee Sinje as part of it’s own homegrown talent! Recently, we caught up with her as she shares with us the latest news on her recent ventures and the launch of her New Minimalism Autumn/Winter 2012 collection with cacac.


Tell us more about cacac’s Autumn/Winter 2012 collection?

cacac interpreted this season’s trends in a minimalist style where sleek and chic were the key looks for its Autumn/ Winter 2012 collection. This season, cacac pays homage to 70s fashion icon Tina Chow, who was well known for her androgynous style as well as modern yet minimalist accents. Chow was a fashion muse for noted individuals in the fashion industry such as Helmut LangIssey Miyake, Karl Lagerfield and Andy Warhol. cacac’s A/W 2012 collection was also inspired by the 1960s and 1970s Minimalism Art movement, taking cues from a modern colour palette that is not only sophisticated but appealing as well.

The collection will stand out this season as cacac is going against the grain compared to what everyone else is doing. “It may seem unconventional to be this different but that is what cacac is all about – making a lasting impression as well as allowing you to be an individual,” said Lee Sinje.

The A/W 2012 collection showcases precise cuts and clean lines. Each design is not meant to overpower the wearer, but rather encourage the wearer to fashion a minimalist look that is both modern and timeless. cacac’s  New Minimalism collection embraces simplicity at its best, translated through feminine details like pleats and ruffles. The collection features the colours black, white, nude, cool neutrals, grey as well as red as an accent.

These colours were chosen specifically for a sophisticated feel, which allows the wearer to creatively mix and match the designs for an individual style. Additionally, sensuous fabrics such as sheer chiffon and crisp cotton lend an air of femininity to the collection. The New Minimalism collection includes draped tops, mini and maxi dresses, billowy skirts, day and night dresses, loose flowy pants and more.


Did you design the whole collection? and where do you get your inspiration from?

Currently, Lee Sinje heads the creative and production team of cacac, she gives her team the direction for each season, and meets regularly for brainstorming sessions as well as fitting of samples. She knows exactly what a cacac woman wants, hence is able to set a clear direction for the brand.

As for her inspiration, “My inspiration comes from everything and anything that evokes me – it can be a movie, a person, a painting, a dialogue and so on,” said Lee Sinje.


How do you juggle your time between acting and managing the clothing line? 

“In each different “career”, I am the team leader and I have a strong team to help me and maximize all the time needed whereby I treasure every second, every minute. I will be at the respective place wherever and whenever I am needed,” said Lee Sinje. Being in the industry for over 10 years, she is accustomed to all the challenges that come with it.


Through all your travels, do you think the fashion in Malaysia is different compared to other Asian countries?

“Of course! We have “Summer” season all year round, and most dress to suit the weather and environment. However, that doesn’t mean that we just wear cotton T-shirts and shorts wherever we go. I frequently see that Malaysians enjoy dressing up and prefer to wear elegant and sophisticated designs at affordable prices which is exactly what we are providing!,” said Lee Sinje.

Lee Sinje models looks from cacac’s New Minimalism Autumn/Winter 2012 collection


Tell us about your experience behind-the-scenes at the New Minimalism cacac photoshoot:

We have a team of famous and talented individuals and a great art director! Each time there is a new campaign or collection, we will all sit in for a meeting beforehand. During this meeting,  we have a detailed and comprehensive discussion whereby the whole team (having had experiences from all over the world) will inject various elements and ideas into our campaign. We always try to think “outside the box” and come up with new things to excite customers.

This photo shoot has been a relaxing one as we all understood each other and were very clear of our directions. Therefore, it was a breeze and finished earlier than anticipated!

For Lee Sinje fans, here’s a behind-the-scenes photoshoot for cacac’s New Minimalism Autumn/Wintern 2012 collection. *Only available in Mandarin.*

How do you maintain your beauty and look good all the time with such a busy schedule?

“It’s all about love! Being passionate, loving what you do, being happy and having positive energy around always is important. This will certainly keep you energetic, beautiful and looking good all the time despite having a busy schedule!,” exclaimed Lee Sinje.


Are there any fashion tips for your fans and anything else that you would like to share about your collection?

“Style is when you take fashion and make it yours” and as mentioned, cacac’s New Minimalism collection is all about embracing simplicity at its best, with feminine details like pleats and ruffles which is suitable for both day and night.

Lee Sinje’s message to her fans at ZALORA.

Checkout cacac’s New Minimalism Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, now available at ZALORA.

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