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  • yusof

    saya baru nak cuba beli produk zalora dgn cara bayaran CIMB Click. bleh tlg jelaskan cara nak buat bayaran dgn CIMB click.tq

    • Elinor

      Hi Yusof, sila hubungi talian khidmat pelanggan kami di: 03-2035 6622 / 03-2027 4717 untuk bantuan mengenai pembayaran dengan CIMB Clicks. Terima Kasih:)

  • Elinor

    Hi Nur Hafiza Adzman, kindly call our customer service hotline should you need assistance in canceling orders etc : 03-2035 6622 / 03-2027 4717 Thank you:)

  • Mymy

    Sy dah order jeans dekat zalora. Tp knapa sy tak dapat email pengesahan order and cara nk byr?

    • Elinor

      Hi Mymy, sila hubungi talian khidmat pelanggan kami di: 03-2385 8200 / 2027 4717 untuk bantuan lanjut bagi menyemak status pesanan anda. Terima Kasih:)

  • Ridzuan Khalid

    Hi…ZALORA…saya sudah membuat pembayaran untuk kasut loafers tu,bila barang tersebut akan dihantar?saya sudah buat pembayaran
    tapi pihak zalora tidak membuat pengesahan pembayaran saya dekat email saya pun tidak hantar email pengesahan pembayaran…

    • Elinor

      Hi Ridzuan Khalid, sila hubungi talian khidmat pelanggan kami di 03-2385 8200 / 2027 4717 untuk menyemak status pesanan anda. Terima Kasih!:)

  • Nina Zamani

    hi ZALORA.. saya ada buat kesilapan. tidak lengkap.alamat terbuat nama saya dan sepatutnya diletakkan ats nama adik saya. macammane nak edit balik alamat/cancel? and kalau cancel. duit automotik on that time terus refund ke?

    • Sonia

      Hi Nina, tiada masalah. Sila berikan nombor pesanan anda yang bermula dengan 200xxxxxx, supaya kami boleh menyemak untuk anda. Terima kasih.

  • ekaa hamri

    mcm mane nak tukar order ?

    • Sonia

      Hi Ekaa, sekiranya pesanan ity sudah dibuat, kami tidak boleh menukar maklumat di dalam pesanan tersebut. Kami hanya boleh membatalkan, dan Ekaa boleh membuat pesanan yang baru. :-)

  • Hey. I put the wrong email address on zalora so i didnt get confirmation from all the items that i purchased . Can u help me? I need to change my email address in my zalora account and i cant seem to know how. Though they'll send me comfirmation through s

    Hey. I put the wrong email address on zalora so i didnt get confirmation from all the items that i purchased . Can u help me? I need to change my email address in my zalora account and i cant seem to know how. Though they’ll send me comfirmation through sms but i still want it in my email. Can u help me out?

    • Elinor

      Hello there, you may contact our customer service representatives at 03-2385 8200. They will be able to assist you with such matters. Thank you:)

  • NAS

    saya dah buat pembayaran…tapi nak upload slip susah. walaupun try upload lagi akhirnya kat order number dia tulis submitted. tolong saya.

    • Elinor

      Hi NAS, sila hubungi talian khidmat pelanggan kami untuk bantuan lanjut megenai pesanan anda:03-2385 8200. Terima Kasih!:)

  • liey

    hey, i have already sent my parcel back because the size were too big for me. i did returned it with its original package but i did not write my name on the return slip. help me =(

    • Niroshini Manickumar

      Hi Liey Roslan,we are sure we have resolved your issue via Facebook PM,am i right to say that? Do respond :)

  • dee

    nak tanya pasal my order dalam account zalora saya. macam mana memadamkan order list dlm my order? sebabnya, sya belum membuat transaksi pembayaran ke atas barangan tersebut. perkara ini amat membingungkan saya kerana sya secara tidak sengaja tertekan order. adakah pihak zalora akan memberitahu jika sya telah memlakukan “order” atau tidak? maksud sya confirmation untuk setiap order yang saya buat. sebab ada antara barangan yang sya tidak mau masih dlm list my order sya. untuk perngetahuan zalora, ini kali pertama sya melakukan online order dgn zalora. contoh situasi” dlm order list sya, sya ada order baju, dan sya tidak melakukan pembayaran online, namun begitu detail order menerangkan detail tempahan dan alamat penghantaran tempahan. adkah order ini smpi ke pihak zalora?”

  • Patricia

    Grrr.. aku paling suka beli kasut kat Zalora, dah berpasang2 aku beli dan sangat puas hati. Pukul 9 pagi order, esok hari lepas lunch kasut pun sampai. Oh ya susah nak cari kasut cantik mcm kat Zalora nak2 untuk size gajah macam aku. Saiz 41. Thanks Zalora!

    • Elinor

      Hi Patricia, terima kasih kerana membeli-belah di ZALORA!:)

      • ekaa hamri

        I ada order 3 brang. Salah satu drpada brang tu kasut . I nak cancel kasut tu sebab kawan I ckap tak sesuai . Macam mane I nak buad ? I dah proceed order I. pleasee help me ,

        • Sonia

          Hi Ekaa, sila berikan nombor pesanan anda supaya kami boleh menyemak status penghantaran pesanan anda. Sekiranya pesanan anda sudah dihantar, kami tidak boleh mengecualikan produk tersebut.Harap mendapat maklum balas anda :-)

  • Mala

    Can I order items from Australia, pay from here to be sent by you to an address in Malaysia?

    • Elinor

      Hi Mala,
      Yes you may do this, as long as the shipping address is a valid Malaysian address (Please make sure the billing address is a Malaysian address). ZALORA offers nationwide delivery and 30 days returns upon receiving the item. Should you need further assistance, kindly contact our customer service representatives at 03 2385 8200. Thank you:)

  • Muhamad Faiz Bin Latif

    Hahahhahahah da hampir 1k aq habiskan shopping kt zalora beli pakaian2 untuk kt kolej .. Kt luar sume aq xberkenan nk kt zalora punya gak …. Ni nanty nk order lgi ni xhabis lgi ni…. Courier zalora pon asyik menghadap muka aq je dlm 2minggu 5kali aq order …. Minggu depan dia nk kene hadap lgi r muka aq ….

    • Elinor

      Hi Muhamad Faiz, terima kasih kerana membeli-belah di ZALORA! Kami gembira anda berpuas hati atas perkhidmatan kami. Kami berharap anda akan terus membeli-belah di ZALORA:)

  • Aina Hanani


    There’s any rewards for a blogger who did a review/testimonial in their blog after purchasing in Zalora website?

    • Heidi Lim

      Hi Aina Hanani, yes indeed! Write a review on your latest shopping experience with Zalora Malaysia and send your blog url to , and stand a chance to be rewarded with RM 50 voucher.

  • Azeem

    Im looking to buy a pair of sport shoes from zalora. Just wondering whether the size is in uk or us. Thanks in advance

    • Niroshini Manickumar

      Hi Azeem!! Thank you for your interest on our product,shoe sizes differ from one brand and fashion to another,some comes in US & some comes in UK, but worry not, you can always refer to our shoe guide over here for size conversion –> ,happy shopping ^^

  • Rose Mimi


    When “The Ethnic Chic Isabella Peplum Long Dress” in size S or M will be available?


    • Heidi Lim

      Hi Rose Mimi, we will keep you updated if the size S or M of item “The Ethnic Chic Isabella Peplum Long Dress” is back in stock. Thank you for your interest in this product and have a pleasant day ahead!

  • tom.

    Hi Zalora is not very cheap can you add like a really cheap brand to the site? xx thx

    • Elinor

      Hi tom, you may click these links to check out the latest deals on ZALORA.COM.MY: You may call our customer service 03-2385 8200 should you need further info on latest deals and discounts, thank you:)

  • Idzham

    Kenape zalora tak buat COD dekat Seremban ?

    • Elinor

      Hello Idzham, terima kasih untuk pertanyaan anda. Buat masa ini, agen penghantaran kami tidak menyediakan perkhidmatan COD di kawasan anda. Jikalau ada sebarang pertanyaan lanjut, anda boleh hubungi talian khidmat pelanggan kami di 03-2385 8200:)

  • Admin

    Saya nak tanya , saya order baju pada sabtu lepas pada 23/3/2013 .. Tapi masih tidak sampai pada hari ni 28/3/2013 . Haruskah saya menunggu ? Saya rasa macam nak batalkan sahaja order saya ..

    • Elreena


      Sila emel pihak khidmat pelanggan kami di mengenai nombor pesanan anda supaya kita boleh membuat semakan atas pesanan anda.

      Jika ada mempunyai selain pertanyaan, sila hubungi pertalian khidmat pelanggan kami di 03-2385 8200.

      Terima kasih.

  • Charisma

    Yesterday at around 6pm, I ordered a pair of Mickey Sneakers at Zalora website. Suprisely, today at 9 plus am I received the shoes in a good condition. It makes me feel that the company is efficient and it has a return slip if the size doesn’t suit. I am happy with its service and will continue to purchase things from Zalora. Thanks for the good service=)

    • Elreena

      Hi Charisma,

      We are glad to hear that you have received your order! Thank you for your kind feedback and we are hoping to continue to serve you in the future. :)

  • Izzah

    Aloha,, the shirt i bought doesnt fit me. How do i return the package back to u guys for a resize?

    Do i come to your office or I have to mail it ? If mail it, do i need to pay for postage fees?


    • Elreena

      Hi Izzah,

      You would have to courier your parcel back to our HQ (details stated on the return slip) via Poslaju in it’s original packaging. A refund will be issued to you via store credit, including your postage fees as well. You will also need to inform us when returning. Do not hesitate to give our Customer Service hotline a call at 03-2385 8200, or email at

      Thank you!

  • Priscilla L Matunjau

    salam sejahtera.

    saya nak buat aduan ya…kakak saya ada membuat tempahan kat zalora menerusi online dan telah membayar tunai RM48.88 melalui Maybank Lintas Square Kota Kinabalu Sabah, pada jam 616pm @ 4hb mac 2013. Bukti resit sudah di emailkan kepada pihak anda. tetapi, pihak anda memberitahu bahawa mereka belum menerima email tersebut. sudah beberapa kali kakak saya re-email semula resit itu sehingga sekarang. perkhidmatan online yang diberikan oleh pihak anda tidak begitu memuaskan dan mendukacitakan. kakak saya juga sudah banyak kali menelefon pihak anda menanyakan tentang pembeliannya. saya berharap pihak anda dapat menyelesaikan masalah ini sebelum menjadi serius.


    • Elinor

      Hello Priscilla, terima kasih untuk pertanyaan anda. Kami meminta maaf terlebih dahulu jikalau ada sebarang kesulitan yang dihadapi mengenai pesanan anda. Anda boleh hubungi talian khidmat pelanggan kami di 03-2385 8200 untuk menyemak status anda. Pihak kami akan mencuba sedaya-upaya untuk membantu anda. Terima kasih

  • Debbie


    Saya telah membuat pengembalian parcel ke zalora..
    adakah pihak zalora akan membuat refund bagi caj pos tersebut?

    • Elreena

      Hi Debbie,

      Terima kasih atas pertanyaan anda.
      Pihak ZALORA akan mengesahkan refund anda bagi caj pos tersebut dalam bentuk Store Credit. Termasuk sekali dengan refund order anda.

      Terima kasih.

  • adam firdaus

    butik zalora kat mana?one utama ada x

    • Elreena

      Hi Adam,

      Terima kasih atas pertanyaan anda. Kami adalah destinasi fesyen yang berdasarkan hanya dalam laman web. Kami tidak mempunyai butik fizikal. :)

  • Fauzan

    Hi, Just wanna drop a note saying the shoes I bought from Zalora Malaysia is just awesome!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Marife Corpin

    Hi,wanna ask about the status of my order.This are the confirmation number 200628488,200819488 and 200679488.I did not received my order until now.I already make the payment and upload the bank transfer slip but until now i don’t receive any email from zalora or the tracking number of my order..

    • Elreena

      Hi Marife,

      Do email us your details to or give us a call at 03-2385 8200 and we will process your order as soon as possible.
      Truly sorry for the delay.

      Thank you.

  • Ngan Tengyuen

    I love to shop at Zalora… so many choices.

  • Sheila

    Hi there,
    Just wondering, how much do you charge for your Cash on Delivery method?

    • Hanna

      Hi Sheila,

      As far as I know, there are no charges for the Cash on Delivery method : ) However, if you need more information, the customer sefvice would be glad to provide more information. You may reach them by email at or call them at this number 03-2385 8200, from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week. Or, you could write them a message on ZALORA’s Facebook to connect with them. Hope this helps! Enjoy your shopping with ZALORA! : )

  • tanmeishan

    how to buy ? how to pay money ? :)

  • Norish Fadil

    Hi,,,, I really like to purchase Baju Kurung moden from Jovian mandege but how to order tq..

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