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  • Joe

    i have made a wrong order. how do i change it?

    Order num: 200516193


    • Sonia

      Hi Joe, it was a pleasure speaking to you. As mentioned, we have cancelled your order and an e-mail has been sent to you with regards to the successful cancellation. :-)

  • Zora

    200984431 please check my order . it already exceeds 10 days business . thank you :)

    • Sonia

      Hi Zora, apologize on the delayed response. An e-mail has been sent to you on the 30th. Please check Zora :-)

  • brian chin

    dear zalora,

    i would like to return my order #200884611 because the size is too big and can i choose to have the amount credited back to my credit card instead of having a store credit? and do i have to pay for the postage to deliver the goods back to zalora or do i just drop it at poslaju

    please kindly revert on this matter as soon as possible

    thank you

    • Sonia

      Hi Brian, truly apologize on the delayed response. We noticed that your credit card refund has already been done. Hope this has been settled :-)

  • john

    i ordered from zalora few days back and finally got the item but unfortunately it was too small and the quality is not the same as shown in the picture. am planning for a refund and i want to ask whether i can get a cash refund instead of store credits since i am not going to do anymore purchase from zalora in the future.


    • Elinor

      Hi John, kindly contact our customer service representatives at 03-2385 8200 regarding returns. Thank you:)

  • Stop using Gdex

    And plis stop guna gdex, bad experience today. Kotak i di buka koz stiker seal zalora d potong dan baju didapati kotor terkena pasir dan manik terbuka dr baju. I am so mad with gdex sebab tak amanah. For once tolong guna poslaju.

    • Niroshini Manickumar

      Hi Nomas,terima kasih atas maklum balas anda,kami akan ambil tindakan serius atas kesulitan ini,terima kasih :)

  • Return back baju

    Hi, 200772361 my order ref n dah d pos balik pada 23/7/13 , hari yg sama i dapat baju ni. Kalau u masukkan balik store credit, maksudnya i kena purchase lagi sekali ke guna credit tu? Ke u guys terus post baju baru kepada saya? Please advice.

    • Niroshini Manickumar

      Yes Miss Nomas, anda harus menggunakan store credit tersebut untuk membuat tempahan baru melalui laman web ZALORA :)

  • fiza

    Dear Zalora,

    I must to suggest that please do not use GDEX for the delivery,since their service is very-very annoying. They did not called me when they arrived at my address. Since nobody there during that time, they just leave. Why don’t they call me, so that I can rush to that address? I’m just 100 meter away from there (I was at the food stall during that time). I had the experience with TA-Q-Bin before, and they did called me once they arrived at my home. GDEX is much annoying compared to Ta-Q-Bin. I hope Zalora will not use GDEX anymore for my future order. Thank you.

    • Heidi Lim

      Hi Fiza, we sincerely appreciate your honest feedback on your recent experience with GDEX courier service. Rest assured that this matter will not be taken lightly and will be highlighted to GDEX management team. We do hope to receive your order number for us to escalate this matter to the relevant department for further investigation. Once again, thank you for bringing up this matter to our attention.

  • Adiba Redzuan

    I lost my return slip. Can I still send my stuff back? Is there any way to send back my stuff without the return slip? Like download from web or something? If there is please email the return slip back to me? Please help.

    • Elreena

      Hi Adiba,

      Do not worry. Just email our Customer Service (customer@zalora.com.my) team with your Order number and request for a return slip. They will then email you with your return slip. However if you do not remember your order number, login to our website and click on “My Account” and then click on “My Orders” located at the left hand sidebar. (Here)

      Thank you.

  • amy

    hi there,

    i would like to unsubscribe from zalora. due to very risk and annoyed purchasing. on the 15th March 2013, 9.35 am , i wanted to make an order but the i typed in my email as requested its stated that my email is kinda problem and this appeared “We couldn’t find that Email address! Please check your entry to make sure you’ve spelled your Email correctly ” BUT when there’s any new arrival or news the ZALORA team will emailed me like twice a week and the latest is on 14th March 2013, 2.57 pm.So how come it stated ZALORA DOES NOT HAVE MY EMAIL?!

    So please do unsubscribe me. thank u.

    • Elreena

      Hi Amy,

      Thank you for your comment.
      We regret to hear that you will be unsubscribing from our features. Kindly provide us with your email address and we will check on this matter as soon as possible.
      If you would like to unsubscribe from our newsletter, you may do so by clicking the link ‘unsubscribe’ stated at the bottom of each of our newsletters. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and we thank you for your patience.


      • amy

        Hi thank u,

        Regarding the unsubscribe of newsletter, actually i wanted to unsubscribe from zalora customer and what or how should i do.And thank u for the services given by Zalora team.thank u.

  • Joyce Ng

    I would like to know whether the cash on delivery is still available on Zalora?

    Thank you

    • Elreena

      Hi Joyce,

      We do still offer COD to those who resides in Klang Valley, for selected postal codes within the delivery by our logistics partner Ta-q-bin. For further details, do refer our FAQ page here.

      Thank you!

  • norfazlina

    saya nak tanya..barang yang saya retun berjumlah 250.20
    tapi knpa masuk kat my coupon hanya 209..
    saya retun barng 2…1 helai baju harga 41.20
    dan kasut 209…
    klo bole sya nak wang saya d pulangkn…

  • wansyarafuddin

    Hi, zalora.
    Sy telah membuat pesanan pd 26.02.2013. utk kod order 200361278. Penghantaran munkin akan dibuat pd hr isnin 04.03.2012. Tp sy ada masalah, kemunkinan sy tiada dialamat penghantaran pd tarikh tersebut. Sekiranya sy ingin terus pick up brg yg di order. bleh sy dptkn alAmat, atau warehouse zalora yg harus sy pick up…
    Terima kasih.

    • Elreena

      Hi Wansyaraduffin,

      Terima kasih atas pertanyaan anda. Sekiranya anda tidak ada dialamat penghantaran pada tarik tersebut, and boleh menghubungi pihak kourier kami, GDEX untuk menjadualkan semula kiriman anda. Ataupun, anda boleh jadualkan pickup di pejabat GDEX yang berkenaan.

      Jika ada mempunyai selain pertanyaan, sila hubungi pertalian khidmat pelanggan kami di 03-2385 8200.

      Terima kasih.

  • norfazlina

    saya nak tanya…saya dah pos barang yang saya nak retun
    saya nak duit saya balik bole tek..

    • Elreena

      Hi Norfazlina,

      Thank you for your comment. Do email us at customer@zalora.com.my or give us a call at 03-2385 8200 and give us your details and we will process your request as soon as possible. Usually we would take up to 7 working days to process returns.

      Thank you.

  • Nora

    Hi Zalora, please unscribe me from Zalora customer. Me not interested to purchase on line…. Please understand my situasion.

  • tracy

    Please check my order : #200241299 , b’coz I haveb’t get it yet although I ‘d odder it on 23rd. I suppose to receive them already bcoz it’s 4 working days already !!!

    • Hanna

      Hi Tracy,

      I’m sorry to keep you waiting, but rest assured I have informed the customer service of your order and hopefully we’ll hear back from them soon. In the meantime, please don’t worry. If you still haven’t received your order they are sure to look into it and inform you as soon as they can.

      Hope this helps! Thank you for your patience and hope you’ll get your stuff!

  • weeling


    Is there a return policy?



    • Hanna

      Hi WeeLing,

      Yes, there is. You may return any item within 30 days, with the return slip inside and receive store credit for the exchange. For a more detailed reference, do have a look at this link:

      Hope this helps! Thank you : )

  • ain nadia

    boleh saye tkar bju dgn menelefon zalora sahaje??
    tdk perlu email???
    saye dah cube beberape kli untuk emailkan di customer@zalora,,tpi tdk berjaye..
    saya dah postkan bju yg hndk ditkr..
    cume tggl nk beritahu phk zalora ape yang saye nk tkr sahaje..
    dan bgithu kod poslaju 2 je…

    • Hanna

      Hi Ain Nadia,

      Sekiranya anda telah menghantar barang yang anda ingin pulangkan bersama Return Slip, pihak ZALORA akan memasukkan store credit kedalam akaun anda, mengikut harga barang yang telah anda beli. Dengan store credit ini, anda memang boleh menelefon pihak customer service kami untuk mendapatkan bantuan untuk membeli baju lain sebagai ganti. Namun proses ini mengambil masa beberapa hari, oleh itu, sila beri pihak customer service ZALORA waktu untuk mengendalikan pembelian anda. Don’t worry, mereka pasti akan rujuk semula kepada anda dengan secepat mungkin.

      Hope this helps! Thank you for your patience, and rest assured the ZALORA team will do our best to help you.

      Untuk maklumat lanjut:

  • atiqah

    Dear Zalora,
    How can I use the BCARD ?

  • jia wen

    if i pay by debit card, however the payment method there stated credit card, is it also meant pay by debit card?

    for debit card, will there any billing post to home? or just directly deduct from the account? :)

    • Elinor

      Hi Jia Wen,

      Kindly contact our customer service hotline at 03 2385 8200 from 9am-9pm daily for payment matters. Thank you:)

  • jamie

    Dear Zalora

    I would like to follow up with my purchase: Order #200557426 of 29/09/2012 19:33.
    I have not received the purchase that I made on 29/09/2012. The product supposed to be delivered the next day or within 2 -3 days.

    Please check and revert. Otherwise, PLEASE REFUND ALL MY MONEY!!!

    Thank you!


    • Elinor

      Hello Jamie, I have forwarded your info to our customer service representatives, they will be in touch with you soon. However, should you have further questions, kindly contact: 03-2385 8200 daily from 9am-9pm daily. Thank you!

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