What’s in your Beauty Bag?

Whats In Your Beauty Bag?

It’s time to update your beauty bag ladies! Beauty products do expire, so take some time to check your beauty basics and throw out the old ones, and replace them with new ones. (For a basic guideline, read Real Simple: Beauty Products and Expiration Dates.) I’ve selected some new beauty picks such as BB cream, a blusher trio, and make-up tools. But my personal fave, is Yves Rocher‘s Strawberry scented body exfoliator! (It comes in a reusable glass packaging, and smells ever-so-delicious!) AND, don’t forget to keep your beauty stash in a cute little toiletry bag. LULU Australia offers a trendy, colourful option in a tribal print. Checkout more beauty picks here.

YADAH: Organic skincare is here!

Yadah Beauty

Who knew that the Cactus plant could be a beneficial beauty ingredient? That’s what YADAH skincare  line contains in it’s basic skincare range: Organic Opuntia extracts (a special cactus plant). The Korean native Opuntia cactus plant can withstand extreme weather conditions, especially during Winter, where the plant can survive under -20°C! Extracts from opuntia have antioxidization properties and help slow down aging of the skin. To know more about this opuntia cactus plant (also known as “prickly pear Cactus” read this. I was lucky enough to try out this YADAH Handcream.  The packaging is simple, and has a cute cartoon-ish character on the front. Although the instructions are in Korean, you may read more info on their beauty products range from… Read More →

Skincare Savers to beat the heat!

Skincare Savers to beat the heat!

Photo credits: newbeauty.com Beauty stuff. That’s what you can call it, stuff. Awhole-lotta stuff! I love make-up and skincare! In fact, I can never have enough beauty products and one thing I’ve managed to hone in on is skincare. As we all know, it’s always ‘summer’ in Malaysia. The climate is hot and humid and with all the countless beauty products available, how can we minimize which products are the best to use? Well, here are some of my favourite skin savers to beat the Malaysian heat: Skincare Savers to beat the heat: 1. Hydrating Moisturizer (Yves Rocher – Hydra Specific Seve Moisture Boost Day Cream): Even though Malaysia’s climate is hot, you still need to make sure you moisturize daily to keep… Read More →

The Curly Phenomenon


I love curly hair. I love curly wavy long luscious hair. In fact, I love curly hair so much I curl my hair every day despite already having curly hair. A lot of people think it’s a blessing to have such locks but I don’t completely agree. Maintaining curly hair takes a LOT of work, from using the right shampoo and conditioner, the perfect hair serum (that doesn’t weigh down your hair, smell weird, stick on your fingers etc) and the perfect temperature for your hair to dry nicely and curl the right way. On cooler days, I realize my hair becomes limp and lacking volume, but on hotter days, where the air is dry and the sun is shining… Read More →