Check out what’s stylish for Raya 2012!


Hari Raya is just around the corner and it’s time to get inspired with a variety of prints. We have styles to suit everyone: the fashionista who loves to put a modern twist on their Raya get-up, the ‘traditionalist;’ who loves the classic baju kurung style or Nyonya kebaya, and the trendy modern muslimah. The Raya 2012 collection at ZALORA offers the latest trend in prints from the canvas to your closet! Photo credits: Watercolour Texture by cgarofani A Different stroke: Watercolours!  Watercolour prints are making a comeback this Raya with these baju kurung’s from Ethnic Chic  in wearable soft pastel shades and flowy chiffon. Featured Baju Kurung, from left- right: 1. Ethnic Chic- Baju Kurung Modern (turquoise & yellow) | 2. Ethnic Chic- Baju Kurung… Read More →

Saloma: Malaysia’s vintage style icon from the 1950’s.

Saloma Vintage Style Icon from the 50's

 Photo credits: Jankaulu Who can forget that soulful voice and that sexy figure? Although I wasn’t born yet when this starlet was around, I watched her in many black and white movie reruns such as Seniman Bujang Lapok or Do Re Mi on national TV ( The late Saloma, also known as Salmah binti Ismail, was a famous actress and once married to the star Tan Sri P. Ramlee. The two were an inseparable duo, conquering the film and music industry in Singapore and Malaysia. But what I remember of Saloma, was not only her movies, but her sense of style. With Raya just around the corner, she made me think of the sultry silhouette of a kebaya from the 1950’s. I… Read More →